Marvellous Molly Dress

I’ve been wanting to try out overlocking for a while now; finishing seams is one of my pet hates of sewing (that and hemming but let’s not get into that now.. I’ve already ranted enough!).  For Christmas I asked and was very kindly gifted (thanks parents, I’ll say it umpteen times – you’re amazing) the ‘Intro to Overlocking‘ course at the new Sew Over It shop on Essex Road in Islington. [Spoiler alert – it was fab].

The course comprised of two classes, each lasting three hours (6.30pm to 9.30pm)  and held on two consecutive Thursdays. Let’s first discuss the price.  The course cost £99, which I reckon is pretty reasonable if you look at comparable classes in London.  There’s a very similar class at Ray Stitch; at £98 and split over two sessions, it matches Sew Over It’s price but I think what you end up making at Sew Over It (the Molly Top or Dress) is much nicer than the Burda pattern at Ray Stitch.  For £99, you get tuition, the top/dress pattern, the use of an overlocker for 6 hours, and plenty of tea and cake to help the sewing process. Note that fabric isn’t included, but you do get 20% on the day of your class.

In the first class, we learnt how to thread an overlocker – at Sew Over It, they use the Janome 6234xl. Our teacher, Layla, showed us how to thread the overlocker, how to chain off, what sort of stitch we should be looking for and when it’s not right, what thread tension to change.

Seriously, it was invaluable. Sure, mayyyybbe I could have learnt that by looking at a book, but I don’t think there’s any substitute for trying the machine out for yourself, adjusting the tension until you think it’s perfect and then checking with an expert. We also got the chance to practice on all sorts of different fabrics, from chiffon to jersey to gingham.  Lastly, we also learnt how to disengage the blade, sew rolled hems and create gathers using the overlocker.

In the second class, it was onto the Molly dress (or top!).  The tuition was step by step, really easy to follow and I managed to cut out and make the Molly dress within the three hour time limit. I even wore the dress to work next day (good thing, I really needed to do some washing!).

Overall, I couldn’t recommend the course enough.  I just bought an overlocker (it arrives tomorrow!), and the course really helped with my confidence in choosing which one to buy and my ability to actually use it when it gets here!  And, I ended up with a lovely dress – what a massive bonus!

A quick bit about the dress itself.  This was such a quick pattern to sew up, all straight lines – I’m completely converted to sewing knits now!

The majority was done on the overlocker apart from the hem and cuffs which I zig-zagged. Also check out that stripe matching^!

So quick and easy – I honestly couldn’t recommend the pattern more, and I’ll definitely be make many, many more.


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