Blue Bruna

I’m a big fan of sewing magazines.. I started out on the ones with free Big 4 paper patterns (Sew Magazine, Love Sewing – you know the type), but I’m now veering towards those with overlapping patterns you have to trace off and initially cause a bit of a heart attack to look at (I’m looking at you Burda…).

A couple examples of these (and shout if you know of any others) are the aforementioned (and frequently hard to source) Burda Style, and La Maison Victor, which recently launched an English language version.  These two, to me, represent a more modern and slightly edgier style and even if I don’t end up making many of the patterns (see aforementioned overlapping pattern line heart attack), they are an endless source of inspiration.  Recently, I spotted the Bruna blouse in La Maison Victor and knew I had to give it a go.. So…

The Pattern.

The Bruna blouse is a simple boxy short sleeved shirt.  It’s very similar to the Libby shirt from Sew Over It, which I had my eye on and thought I’d try the Bruna first since I already had the pattern.  Since LMV offer fewer patterns in their magazine, there’s fewer scary overlapping lines to trace from, so it’s pretty quick to put the pattern together.

I decided to leave off the pocket, mostly because I couldn’t be bothered to a) cut it out (yes I’m that lazy) and b) pattern match.  I think I actually prefer it without too, so that’s a happy accident (or am I just trying to convince myself that I meant to not cut out that pocket.. and I didn’t just forget…).

The Fabric.

The fabric was a remnant from Sew Over It, which I bought when I strayed south of the river (can you believe it) and accidentally (ahem.. not so much) found myself in the vicinity of their Clapham shop.  I had barely a metre, and it was  a bit of a jigsaw to get all of the pieces cut out, but I got there in the end.

The fabric itself is a bit of a mystery.. they’ve sold out of it on the website, so I can’t confirm exactly what it is but if I was a gambling woman (really not, for the record) I’d say a light weight crepe.. Now, I must say, this fabric probably wasn’t my best impulse buy in hindsight.  It’s – for sure – a synthetic material (meh – I knew that when I bought it) but I have a sneaking suspicion it’s polyester… Let’s just say it’s been really unpleasant to wear in the heat wave we’ve been having recently! You live and learn… I’m now on a bit of a ‘try to buy natural fibres where possible’ stint, but who knows how long that will last.  We all know a nice rayon will come along and I’ll have broken my all-natural pledge.  Oh well… at least I’m a realist.

The Make.

This was a pretty quick make, all in all probably just over half a day’s worth of cutting and stitching.  I cut my size based on my measurements and whilst the style is supposed to be boxy, and I think it ended up being a little big on me.

This was my first time using a LMV pattern and I ended up veering away from the written instructions.. It was strange to me that the pattern has a front facing, but no back facing.. It’s crying out for a back facing, and I can’t work out why they didn’t have one.

I used french seams where possible, and zig-zagged where else (sadly without my overlocker for this make).


I like how this shirt turned out, but I regret my fabric choice given how hot this summer has turned out!

I’m also not 100% convinced on some of the construction techniques used in the Bruna.. if I had my time again and I wasn’t able to buy the magazine, I think I’d try the Sew Over It Libby shirt or the Closet Case Patterns Carolyn Pyjama top; that’s for three reasons:

1. To buy the Bruna by itself is apparently 35 euro (?!) whereas the Libby is £7.50 and the Carolyn is $14.00

2. I’m not even sure you can buy the Bruna in English, so you might need to be proficient in Dutch/French/Germany (or trust Google translate!), and

3. I’ve used SOI and CCP before multiple times and their construction techniques are second to none.  If I’m committing money to something I might make multiple times, I’d go with the safe bet (see I told you I wasn’t a gambling woman).


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