Epic Embroidery

What do you do when your film loving flatmate has a birthday and you sew?  Of course you embroider their fave film quotes onto a hoop – what else?  So how did I go about it?

Step 1.

Create a list of their fave films.  From that identify a list of hilarious film quotes aided by other flatmate.  Note – you want quotes with a range of lengths, in order to fill the round hoop (longest goes in the centre, shortest at top and bottom – you get the idea).

I ended up with:

  • Good Holiday?  Wild Child 
  • It started with a chair.  Juno 
  • Is that your given name?  Ladybird 
  • Drippy’s in the freezer.  Wild Child
  • Have bottom the size of… Brazil.  Bridget Jones’ Diary  
  • Are you saying it’s a ‘no go’, or ‘no, go’?  Why him?  
  • We found them in the penny saver next to the exotic birds.  Juno 
  • No caviar for me thanks, never did like much.  Titanic
  • Now I’m not gonna do that because we’ve already paid the DJ.  Mean Girls
  • I didn’t think he had it in him.  Juno 
  • She has more marshmallows than I do.  The Holiday
  • You smell like a baby prostitute.  Mean Girls
  • Just stir it Una.  Bridget Jones’ Diary
  • Say crack again.  Mean Girls
  • A wee bob.  Wild Child

Step 2.

Arrange your quotes in length order.

Step 3. 

Put some fabric in your hoop – I chose some blue cotton I had in my stash.  Make sure the hoop is tightened as much as possible.

Step 4.  

Find the centre of the hoop.  Draw a line a bit above and a bit below (I used pencil).  Then pick one of your longest quotes, draw it on your fabric in between the lines and start embroidering!

For my first quote, I went for ‘No caviar for me thanks, never did like it much’ (Leo di Caprio in Titanic – but I didn’t have to tell you that..).

For the quotes, I used a simple running stitch.

In between the quotes I used different lines of embroidery to add a bit of intrigue.

Step 5. 

Add quotes above and below the middle quote.  Keep adding quotes until you’ve covered the whole hoop.

Step 6.

Cover the back of the hoop.  I’m lazy so usually just superglue a circle of felt onto the hoop at the back.

And there you have it… a completed embroidery hoop 🙂


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