Monstrous Molly

Wait, what’s this? A blog post? Surely not.

Yep, you better believe that one of my new year’s resolutions is to blog more, so I’m keeping myself accountable by putting it in my bullet journal. If it’s in the #bujo, it has to happen, right..?

So my first make of 2019 was a Molly top. I wanted something quick and fun, and I’ve successfully made the Molly a couple of times in the past. Plus, the Molly was the first knit garment I made on my overlocker so it holds a special place in my heart.

The Pattern.

The Molly top is a pattern from Sew Over It’s City Break E-Book. I love, love, love this pattern. It’s such a simple sew, and I’ve worn my previous Molly dress almost to death.

I will say, this sweatshirt started life as a dress but once I put it on, it drowned me in quilting – not an ideal look.

I ended up lopping off several inches to make it a top which worked much better; it was a bit of a waste of fabric, but I feel like it’s better to create something I’ll actually wear and lose a bit of fabric to the scrap bin! It’s all in the creative process I suppose…!

The Fabric.

I used a cosy quilted grey sweatshirting I’ve had in my fabric stash for a while now. It was a remnant from one of my favourite independent fabric shops, Mad Jaks in Shere.

I thought a Molly top paired with a cosy sweatshirting was a match made in heaven… boy was I wrong. The fabric was horrendous to sew. My gut reaction was to overlock the whole thing, but because the fabric had some sort of wadding to make the quilted effect, it got caught in the overlocker blade. Very messy, very stressful – so not what I was after for a ‘quick’ make!

In the end I took the blade off and it worked a bit better. However, I wouldn’t sew with this fabric again – it was a nightmare I don’t want to relive!

The Make.

I’ve alluded to my troubles with this fabric. Let’s not dwell on it, but let’s just say it resulted in an eventful Saturday full of lots of strong words aimed at my overlocker.

The Molly is a great pattern because it’s so quick to make with very few seams. However this one was tricky because the fabric was thicker and ended up with bulky seams. When I make another Molly top or dress, I’ll go for a lighter fabric with a bit more drape.

I finished the cuffs and hem with a three step zigzag which I like paired with the quilted diamonds. I also secured the neckband with a lengthened straight stitch.

The Verdict.

All that being said, I’m pleased with the final result. It was quite a journey to get there but I’m trying to remember that all of these ‘mistakes’ are useful practice.


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  1. Happy new year!! Happily your new sweatshirt doesn’t look stressful, it looks cozy and cute! All the pain is on the inside, all the cute is on the outside. ^^ And definitely it counts as a learning experience!


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