It’s September 2017. I’ve been without my sewing machine for about a year and let me tell you, it’s been tortuous.  I moved away, literally to a different country, to do my Masters degree and there was no way I could take my precious Bernina sewing machine on a plane.  What ensued was a year of me pursuing other creative endeavours… cooking, baking, drawing (I became an Urban Sketcher) and some small hand sewing items. Nothing could fill the void of dressmaking though!  I even looked into buying a second sewing machine but a) my tiny student budget wouldn’t stretch to one, and b) I knew it would only distract me from my studying!

So here we are, September 2017. I’m starting a new job which naturally requires a whole new, handmade work wardrobe! I’m also moving cities too so there’s a raft of new sewing shops in London to discover. I’ve decided to start this blog to document my return to sewing and maintain my ‘sewjo’!

About me… I’ve been sewing ever since I can remember. I was taught by my mum – she’s a real expert when it comes to sewing, my go-to when I don’t understand what to do with a pattern and we help each other hemming dresses and skirts. One of my earliest memories is using her Singer hand sewing machine to make little bags with scraps of fabric from her stash.  I also come from a family of creative women.  My maternal grandmother was blind and the best knitter I’ve ever known and the embroidery in my paternal grandmother’s house is incredible.  Pretty inspirational stuff – but it’s clear, genetically, I had no hope not to become obsessed with sewing!

So, I hope you like some of the things I make as I get reacquainted with my beloved sewing machine! Follow me on Instagram for sneak peaks of my sewing pursuits (IzzyGriffin11).




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